Why is Canberra to Sydney HSR or faster rail so important?

Why high-speed or faster rail from CBR-SYD?

It will benefit all of Australia, especially the 11 million people that will have direct access to an East Coast High Speed Rail network.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see the benefits of an ACT/NSW High-Speed Rail line. If you love congestion, congestion and congestion, Sydney is and will be the place to be in the future.

Are we going to build mega cities or should we develop regional Australia? Around the world, High-Speed Rail gives people the ability to commute from further out and provide a much-needed boost to regional centres while still working in large cities.

Australia is in desperate need of a new industry. High-Speed Rail could be the industry that delivers thousands of jobs and skills to both our urban and regional centres.

I know Canberrans love to travel; the Sydney to Melbourne and Sydney to Brisbane airline routes are both in the top ten busiest air routes in the world! How many car trips do you take every year to places that could easily be reached by high-speed train in around half the time? Imagine pain-free and hassle-free interstate travel - Canberra to Newcastle in 1.45 minutes, 1 hour to Canberra or even all the way from Canberra to Melbourne CBD in under 3 hours.

High-speed rail would reduce the number of planes, and in turn reduce our CO2 emissions. High-speed rail is 8 times more efficient than flying so it's a no brainer in terms of reducing our CO2 transport emissions.

"This won't happen in my life time!"

I hear that a lot. What is a realistic HSR time frame for a Bullet Train linking Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Southern Highlands, and Canberra? By 2026 the planning/tendering would be complete, construction underway, and fully operational by 2032; a short ten years. This is based on comparative projects from around the world.

High-speed rail will benefit every single Canberra voter and every single Australian now and into the future. We can't afford to ignore it any longer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please don’t stop here, instead please ‘share’ with friends, family and anyone that will listen. Spread the word, anything you can to encourage the public to take up the fight for a better Australia.


Tim Böhm
Candidate for Canberra