Proposed Policies & Ideas

I will put the following ideas and policies to the voters in the electorate. Then following their responses I will proceed with making them happen at the parliament level.


I will setup a streamlined way for voters to express their views on particular issues and propose their ideas. For far too long, the decision makers from our major parties have let us down. It’s time to bring people back to politics and politics back to the people.

Direct Democracy does this. Not only does it gives ordinary people a say, it also provides a mechanism for new ideas to make it to the top, without the hurdles of the big party machine, favours, donors, deals etc.

I want every voter in the electorate to have the opportunity to vote on key and important bills, legislation and issues and for anyone in the electorate to be able to propose their own bill or change to an existing bill or piece of legislation.


Cap political terms: I propose that all elected officials can only serve 3 terms max. This will get rid of the out-of-touch career politicians.

Political Lobbying: I propose to ban political donations by all companies, lobbyists and organisations. With donations only accepted from Australian Citizens on the electoral roll.


Funding: Australia needs to invest in science and innovation on a scale never seen before. I would double spending on research from $9.2 billion to $18.4 billion. I support strong regulators to improve the financial services system whose weaknesses were exposed in the recent Banking Royal Commission.


Building on the good work by the ACT Government, I propose a transition to 100% renewable energy, 50% by 2030. I will propose the government restore a credible science-based Climate Change Authority.

Oppose Adani: I propose we stop government subsidies of new and existing fossil fuel developments including the proposed Adani coal mine and provide subsidies for investment in renewable energy sources.


I propose we commit to a viable future for Medicare and a more transparent, equitable and user-friendly private health insurance system.

Aged Care is a national crisis and I propose we fully support the recommendations from the Royal Commission into the Aged Care sector. I will never support the family home being included in the pension assets test.


HSR will provide Canberra and the east coast of Australia with cheaper, faster and better interstate transport options. HSR will deliver massive economic development and growth for Canberra and the region.

I propose setting up an east coast (VIC, QLD, NSW and ACT) Government run lottery to raise the money to buy and secure the land on the east coast route. Similar to recent lottery setup in the UK for the Olympics infrastructure and most famously the lottery that was set up to fund the building of the Sydney Opera House.


The greatest investment Australia can make is in its people. Cities that invest in their people through education create social cohesion, innovation, positive communities and strong, forward-thinking economies.


Pause the Efficiency Dividend: I will propose we pause the efficiency dividend on departments and agencies. But enforce new efficiency dividends on federal political party payments, staff and politician’s expenses.

Respect for Our Public Service: Public Servants and their jobs should be treated with the same respect as employees from a car manufacturer, mining and even chocolate factory workers. Public Servants deserve job security and not to be treated like second-class citizens.


I propose the ACT setup our own Territory Police force, the ‘ACT Police Force’. Paying the AFP $14mil per month isn’t value for money. This will give ACT Police officers more flexibility and rights, consistent with their QLD, VIC and NSW counterparts. This would also stop any interference from the federal government in setting up an ACT ICAC and any steps to legalise cannabis and other future laws.


I propose we fight for federal funding for both stage II and III of the Light Rail.


I believe it is our moral and ethical responsibility to bring an end to live sheep exports.


You matter: Unlike the major parties, I actually care what you think. With the Direct Democracy model, everyone in the electorate will have a say on every major piece of legislation or bills.

I propose we support The National Integrity Commission - a federal corruption watchdog as set out by The Australia Institute’s National Integrity Committee.

The Australia Institute’s National Integrity Committee. I propose we build a multi-purpose National Theatre on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.