Commitment & Policies

My commitment

In the upcoming ACT election, I'm running as a Canberra Progressives candidate to represent the Canberra community. I will uphold and promote the following principles, both as a candidate and as a member of the Assembly if elected:


I'm committed to choosing empathy over fear and ethics over influence. I believe that all members of any elected government should act ethically, be accountable and be responsible.

I commit to tackling corruption in all forms and to promoting principles of integrity and accountability in all of my endeavours.

I commit to promoting the responsible, transparent and accountable use of territory resources and funds for the benefit of all our community.

I believe equality is a fundamental human right and every Canberran should enjoy equal rights and privileges before the law.



I am committed to choosing evidence over opinion. I believe that all people have an equal and inalienable right to enjoy civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

I want public policy that is informed by the most recent available data, based on expert advice, research and facts, not ideology or personal opinion.

I commit to policy that is driven by expert advice, research and facts. When voting on or implementing government policies, laws or legislation, elected I will be guided by the evidence.



I believe that democracy is enhanced through the diversity of people participating in it.

More diversity in parliament, on corporate boards and in our trusted positions will lead to a greater diversity of views and therefore better public policy outcomes. I will commit to letting Canberrans have a say and participate in both the community and in government.

The Canberra Progressives will establish grassroots democracy platforms at all levels in the community, in order to truly allow all Canberrans to participate in the governing of their city.


For the full list of Canberra Progressive policies please visit the party website by CLICKING HERE