Federal ICAC with retrospective powers

What's not a joke is the country's urgent need for a fully-funded Federal ICAC with retrospective powers. An ICAC with retrospective powers could investigate any or all of the below and more...

$660.4 million spent on commuter car parks with 77% in LNP or would-be LNP seats, picked by LNP senators and candidates. No policy objectives or assessment on merit.
$102.5 million handed out grants with no legal authority, by-passing proper process to largely benefit marginal electorates and well-heeled clubs
Lobbyists linked to ALP and Libs were paid $500k each and Casey councillors bribed by a property developer to get chicken farm zoned for housing in Cranbourne South. Property developer donated to the ALP before the last election. Land value increased from $73k to $550m.
Clive Palmer lies about ‘Labor’s death tax’ in the Queensland State Election.
Foxtel received $40m overall for its flagging subscription TV service, supposedly to broadcast women’s sport. Foxtel is Murdoch-owned which relentlessly promotes the Coalition. Arguably the Coalition’s NBN rollout to the node made it slower and less of a threat to subscription TV. ABC must pay for licensing fee to rebroadcast.
Source & Links: Democrats Rort Watch page democrats.org.au/rort-watch/