Why does the party exist?

The party was formed in response to a grass-roots movement, where people couldn’t see themselves represented by existing parties driven by out-dated ideologies. All members and candidates have a core belief that politics should be about progress, and that progress should be underpinned by common-sense values. We want to break the cycle that results in the major parties dominating our current political system.


How will we Canberra Progressives deliver?

Any Canberra Progressives candidates elected will provide an ethical, evidence-based check on everything the government does or plans to do. We will provide the platform and framework for the community to have a real say in what is going on. We will listen to new ideas, plans and needs for the future of our city direct from the community.


Why should voters vote for the Canberra Progressives and their candidates?

Canberra Progressives will provide a fresh new voice in the assembly which will focus on people-centred, community-driven progress. If elected our commitment to the electorate is to ensure every policy, decision and action from the government will be ethical, show evidence that it is the right thing to do and will be in the best interest of the community.


What makes Canberra Progressives different?

Canberra Progressives comprise members from all walks of life united under our three core principles: Ethics. Evidence. Empowerment. We don’t have any vested interests from donors, lobby groups or supporters. We proudly have the most transparent and ethical party donations and funding rules in the ACT, if not the country. We are a party for all, not just a few. All members have the same voting rights, opportunities and responsibilities.


Does the Canberra Progressives have any real chance of winning a seat?

Our major parties have indeed created a political system that favours them over any new parties or independents. That’s partly why we have had 20 years of Labor in government.  The world continues to change, and so should our political system. We urge voters to vote Canberra Progressives first, and major parties further down the list. If this happens we will have a great chance of winning a seat and truly holding the government to account.


Would the Canberra Progressives support Liberal or Labor to form government?

As a party created to empower the community and members, we would take this question to the party membership. We would trust our members to decide which major party best aligns with our party principles and values of Ethics, Evidence and Empowerment.


Isn’t Canberra one of the most progressive cities in Australia?
So why do we need a new progressive party?

Yes, the ACT is progressive, and there have been some good initiatives, especially around climate change activities and programs. But the city is going backwards in many critical areas, including housing developments, health services, support for small business, and community connectivity.


If the above sounds pretty good to you, don't just vote for the Canberra Progressives this election, consider joining the Party. More info on joining HERE