Artists in Schools Program


ACT Artists in Schools Program - Supporting 50 to 150 artists and schools every year.
In 2015, Tony Abbott’s Liberal Federal Government cut funding to the Australia Council’s Artists in Residence in schools program, which was operational in the ACT until this time. Since then Victoria has for many years funded their own Artist in Schools Program. But here in Canberra, our students and artists have been ignored. The Canberra Progressives, if elected, will re‑establish an ACT Artists in Schools program.


The ACT Artists-in-Schools program supports an arts-enriched learning experience via ACT artists working in the classroom with students from primary to Year 10. The program will motivate and excite students to realise the value and importance of the arts for them as individuals and for the wider community.

In discussion with appropriate school staff, artists will be appointed to a school for approximately 20 days, offering a creative way to engage students across all key areas of the curriculum via any art form, including literature, visual arts, music, performing arts or new media.

Using the successful Victorian program as a model, the Canberra Progressives would propose grants of $10,000 be available to schools to place a local professional Canberra artist in the classroom to work with teachers and students.  All schools will be able to apply annually for the program. The Artists-in-Schools program will expose students to the benefits of creative learning by supporting professional practicing artists to work in schools.  Canberra Progressives would engage with the Education Directorate to ensure the professional delivery of this innovative initiative.

“Artist want to be employed!  This program supports artist communities and schools and education.” 
Peta Swarbrick - Canberra Progressive Candidate

“The program will provide opportunities for artists to earn income from their creative practice.”  Tim Böhm Canberra Progressive Candidate