About Me

Tim Böhm here I’d like to introduce myself. I am running in the upcoming election as a Canberra Progressive candidate for Kurrajong (Inner North & Inner South). I’m a born and bred Canberran. I grew up here, went to school here and have run a successful business here for the past fifteen years.

I think Canberra is the best city in the world, but it could be better. The region, and even Australia, could be better. For too long, we have blindly trusted the major political parties to do the right thing, but they haven’t. They have failed us on many levels. 

I want Canberrans to have a world-class health and education system, and a future where my kids and everyone’s kids have a bright, clean and healthy environment.

The Progressives are making the first steps in breaking the unfair cycle that the major parties have on the local and federal political system. At this election Canberrans have the choice of two leaders. We genuinely can’t trust them, for very different reasons, but they are equally as bad.

The Canberra Progressives will fill the gap the ACT Greens should have played before virtually merging with the ACT Labor party over the past ten years. 

If the Canberra Progressive manage to hold the balance of power in the Assembly, we will keep the Government in check, in line, and serving Canberrans before their own interests.

  About me
  • 15 years as a small business owner and employer at 2B Advertising & Design
  • Over 10 years advocating for high-speed rail in Australia
  • Past president and founder of the Bullet Train for Australia, a federally registered political party
  • Founding board member of the Fyshwick Business Association
  • Deputy Chair of Strathnairn Arts Association 
  • Founding board member of the Design Canberra Festival
  • Born in Canberra, now raising 3 kids in the public and private school system
  • Graduated from Narrabundah College and University of Canberra
  • 2019 Majura Primary P&C Delegate at the Parents and Citizens Council
  • Proud member of the Canberra Rotary Club
  • Coach of my daughters Majura Under-10 soccer team
  • Football fanatic, having played in Canberra for over 30 years and now have two kids playing for Majura FC