About Me

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about myself and my Independent campaign for the seat of Canberra

ABOUT ME: I love Canberra and have spent the majority of my life here. I was born here, our three kids go to school here, my parents live here, and my wife and run a 15yr strong successful business here. But really it's not about me, it's about you, the community and the electorate.

Why am I running? I want the best for our suburbs, our kids, our local businesses and communities. I want Canberrans to have a world-class health and education system, and to ensure that future generations have a bright, clean, and healthy environment.

I love Canberra. I believe it could be and should be the best city in the world, but for too long, we have blindly trusted the major political parties to do the right thing, and they haven't.

I want Canberra to be a city that values, embraces and promotes ideas, creativity and education. A city not scared to push the boundaries to nurture communities that are responsible, resourceful and resilient.

During this election campaign, I've had two issues repeatedly expressed to me by voters: They have been 'ignored and taken for granted' and they have lost trust in our government. This is very disappointing.

I believe that all members of any elected government should act ethically, be accountable and be responsible. I am committed to tackling corruption in all forms and to promoting principles of integrity and accountability.

Why vote for me? I have a history of getting things done. I was a founding board member of the Design Canberra Festival. I helped set up the Canberra Rotary Buycycle charity event. I was a founding board member of the Fyshwick Business Association. I have been a sponsor and supporter of the ACT Safe Shelter service for homeless men from its inception.

I'm proud to be an active member of my local community, the arts community and the business community. For 15 years I have been the creative director and co-owner of 2B Advertising & Design. I am the past president and founder of Bullet Train for Australia, a federally registered political party. I am an active member of my local Rotary Club and school P&C. Long term supporter and volunteer board member of several arts associations. In 2019 I was the Majura Primary P&C Delegate at the Parents and Citizens Council and finally, I'm the coach of the amazing Majura Thunder (Under-10 girls soccer team).

With your help, independents can make the first steps in breaking the unfair hold that the major parties have on the local and federal political system. I want to provide a fresh, progressive alternative for Canberra voters.

About me

  • 15 years as a small business owner and employer at 2B Advertising & Design
  • Over 10 years advocating for high-speed rail in Australia
  • Past president and founder of the Bullet Train for Australia, a federally registered political party
  • Founding board member of the Fyshwick Business Association
  • Chair of Strathnairn Arts Association 
  • Founding board member of the Design Canberra Festival
  • Born in Canberra, now raising 3 kids in the public and private school system
  • Graduated from Narrabundah College and University of Canberra
  • 2019 Majura Primary P&C Delegate at the Parents and Citizens Council
  • Proud member of the Canberra Rotary Club
  • Current and past coach of our kids Majura junior soccer teams
  • Football fanatic, having played in Canberra for over 30 years and now have two kids playing for Majura FC

Do you have something you wish to raise, share, comment or ask please contact me on: hello@timbohm.com or phone 0405 127 248