Direct Democracy

Democracy done differently.

WHAT: I propose we provide a streamlined way for voters to express their views on particular issues and propose their ideas.

WHY: For far too long, the decision makers from our major parties have let us down. It’s time to bring people back to politics and politics back to the people. Direct Democracy does this. Not only does it gives ordinary normal people a say, it also provides a mechanism for new ideas to make it to the top, without the hurdles of the big party machine, favours, donors, deals etc.

I want every voter in the electorate to have the opportunity to vote on key and important bills, legislation and issues and for anyone in the electorate to be able to propose their own bill or change to an existing bill or piece of legislation.

HOW: Using a secure online app, anyone on the electoral roll in the electorate will be able to register and vote online on key bills or to propose bills or changes to existing bills and legislation. For anyone that doesn’t have internet access, they will be able to do an in-person paper vote at my electoral office. Once a vote has reached its deadline I will then either vote or propose new bills/legislation according to the results of the poll in the federal parliament.