30% Cheaper Fuel

Lets scrap the fuel tax. It doesn’t get spent on roads, it’s unfair and there are better ways to fund infrastructure.

More details to come...

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"Electric cars drive 'urgent' need to reform road tax"
Jenny Wiggins Australian Financial Review Story

AFR: Australia needs to get cracking on charging electric car drivers to use roads or risk losing $17 billion a year in fuel excise if Labor’s new national electric vehicles policy gains traction, infrastructure bodies have  warned.

“Electrification is an enormous opportunity to rethink the way we deliver roads for a better outcome for users and taxpayers,” said Infrastructure Partnerships Australia's chief executive Adrian Dwyer.

Mr Dwyer, who represents private companies as well as government agencies, said it was “relatively urgent” for the Commonwealth to act.

With Opposition Leader Bill Shorten pledging tax deductions for businesses to buy electric vehicles and setting targets for half of all new vehicles sold to be electric by 2050, Mr Dwyer said the road taxation system was at risk of becoming unfair and outdated if changes were not made soon.

“The next government at least needs to begin the process of solving this – otherwise we might be in a situation in which it’s just too late.”