Why am I running?

I love Canberra and have spent the majority of my life here. I was born here, our three kids go to school here, my parents live here, and my wife and I run a 15yr strong successful business here. But really it's not about me, it's about you, the community and the electorate.

I love Canberra. I believe it could be and should be the best city in the world, but for too long, we have blindly trusted the major political parties to do the right thing, and they haven’t. 

I want Canberra to be a city that values, embraces and promotes ideas, creativity and education. A city not scared to push the boundaries to nurture communities that are responsible, resourceful and resilient. 

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What's not a joke is...

Our country's urgent need for a fully-funded Federal ICAC with retrospective powers. An ICAC with retrospective powers could investigate any or all of the below and more...

CARPARK RORT $660.4 million

SPORTS RORT $102.5 million



Source & Links: Democrats Rort Watch page democrats.org.au/rort-watch/


End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Why Fossil fuel subsidies are bad:

1) Forgoing $13 billion a year ($50bil projected over 4 years) is crazy!

2) The money could be spent on renewable energy innovation, hospitals, infrastructure like CBR-SYD HSR and more!

3) It creates barriers for innovation in new technologies like renewable energy as it creates an unfair one sided industries

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